Number of servers and its location importance for a VPN usage

Virtual Private Network Code

Want to know more about how your online activities can stay safe and private while using a Virtual Private Network? Tired of reading so many articles which don’t get you the whole picture? Then, you are at the right place! Here, we will talk about all those things you need to know about a VPN connection. I am pretty sure how you already know how powerful this connection is. So, how to get the best of it? How to know everything about it? Keep reading and find out!

Importance of Virtual Private Network

Have you ever thought what would be one of the most important skills literally every computer user needs to know? Would that be Microsoft Word? Would that be Photoshop? Of course not, although we need to admit how great these programs are, yet, the best skill any user needs to have is to know and to use a Virtual Private Network!

How many times have you heard a story from anyone who has been a victim of a cyber attack? What about phishing? Too many people lost their personal or sensitive data easily. Besides that, numerous people have also lost their money this way. Why did that happen to them? Obviously, because they didn’t know how to stay safe online!

Staying Safe Online

So, how to stay safe online? You need to be anonymous. You need to hide your location. Also, you don’t want to miss all those things that the Internet can offer us, right? Well, still, you are not able to do that with your regular network, what now? A VPN strikes in! It helps you to watch or surf literally anything that interests you. You can ‘be located’ everyone on the globe. That is what a Virtual Private Network does. It helps you to stay anonymous while being able to get all those services you want.

You can also understand it as some secret tunnel that will help you to be located in a second literally anywhere you want on our globe. Does that sound amazing? Remember yourself when you weren’t able to watch that broadcasting you wanted. How angry were you then? As you can see, if you only knew about a VPN then, you would be able to watch it easily.

New Features Of VPN

Living in the 21st century and enjoying its achievements is becoming better and better by each day. In the future, we can expect some new features from VPN. There are numerous types of VPNs and you will be able to get the best one you want easily. There are the fastest VPNs, those that enable you to be located on even more networks worldwide and so on. The possibilities are just countless.

So, what will you get from a VPN? Let us summarize it all for you! You will be able to hide anything that you get from the Internet and from the other users, websites, or anything else you find there. Do you want to get numerous forms of censorships and around block too? You are able to get that if you use a Virtual Private Network! Want to watch US Netflix, but think how you are not able to? You can now change your mind about that! What about BBC iPlayer? Yes, a VPN will allow you to get to it too!

Overall, you should definitely start using a VPN connection and explore all of its possibilities!

How Virtual Privacy Networks Work

Why You Need a Virtual Private Network

In the progressive world of today, there are businesses, which in order to grow into multiple cities, locations, all over the globe. However, to keep everything centrally organized, people working in these different locations will need to communicate with each other and for the sake of keeping these communications reliable and secure from a remote location, the need for establishing a Virtual Privacy Network arises. How VPN server works:

VPN’s are a way to make sure the communications from all these remote locations are kept secure. The networks created privately use a public network to create a private channel between the two machines communicating with each other and through the use of this channel, the information can be kept encrypted from prying eyes.

In more elaborate terms, the VPN network helps two machines create a bubble in between them and through this bubble, only the two machines connected with each other can communicate. The bubble created works on a temporary basis and after the communication is over, the bubble ceases to exist. If more information is needed to be shared, another bubble will be created.

The exchange of information through this private line in known as channeling while the content that is being passed through is known as wrapping. The actual content of the package being exchanged is kept hidden until it reaches its destination. But while traveling through the private line, the package has an encrypted key which is enough to get the package to its location.

Things to Look For In a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Provider

There are two forms of operations that can be performed through a VPN network and the type of operation depends on the operation. The first kind is the one-way operation – in this kind of operation, there is a definitive sender and a receiver and the communication can be done only in one direction at a time. The best example for this kind of operation can be walkie-talkies which work on a single module and the exchange of information is one way at a time.

For this kind of operation, a VPN software is required to remotely access the network while there is no agreement with another network to form a shared connection. Through the use of a VPN software installed at the user end, the connection to a network can be established, however, this connection can only be one directional.

In the second form operation, the two-way communication does not need the installation of a VPN client. An agreement is made between the receiver and the sender for the exchange of information through a shared channel while both the receiver and the sender have the authority to generate and authenticate their own encrypted keys.

In general use, one-way operations are used and are very useful to people who are constantly traveling and are trying to connect to a central location from various sites. The requests are generated through the VPN client software and only authenticated systems are allowed into the network.

For access to information, an end point can be set up which allows the traffic to enter into the secure network. As the name suggests, an end point is where the actual access to the network is granted. There are various kinds of endpoints, the first kind is the end point being the actual firewall while the second kind is the endpoint being put in front of the firewall. Both of these suggested solutions have their pros and cons.

If the VPN is set up in a manner that it is placed in front of the firewall, no actual burden falls on the firewall and all the traffic entering into the secure network will already have gone through the filtration process. But if this kind of setup fails, the vulnerability of the network is endless.

Considering this, the optimum solution does seem to have your firewall serve as the end point. But this kind of set up puts a heavy burden on the firewall itself and might become the cause for a bottleneck to be formed.

The third solution is to have the end point inside the firewall which will relieve the heavy burden. But this leaves the actual function of a firewall to stop existing as this kind of a setup will leave a firewall no choice but to let the information pass unchallenged.


Importance of Online Privacy


Over the years Internet has served as a solution to many problems and the convenient manner it has made everything accessible while sitting at home has made its existence even more important in our lives. We have seen many fiasco of situations due to lack of proper privacy measures on the user’s part. Hundreds of viral posts and threads have emerged over the years owing to lack of privacy.

In a world that is advancing at a rapid pace, the access to information is key to growth and its benefits have been deemed endless. However, the more the information is shared online, the more insecure it becomes and although the benefits to this access of information are uncountable, so are the risks that come along with it.

With the passage of time, all of us have grown accustomed to the use of internet and the wonders it provides but it also leaves us vulnerable to its threats. The rate of dependency is directly proportional to the security risks all of us leave ourselves in.

For as long as the Internet has been in existence, the threat of the online breach has existed in parallel. And as all of us head forwards, cybercrime is slowly becoming one of the fastest growing threats to all of us and our privacy. Therefore, online privacy and the steps we take to prevent such breach of information is essential to keeping everyone protected.

Although there is no firm solution to this problem, a morally responsible person and the steps they take to prevent such breaches can provide a step forward. The first thing that is needed to be assessed in terms of online privacy is a sense of responsibility and how a person goes about their use of the internet.

As long as the usage is being kept to a cautious approach, the threat of cybercrime can be countered and can be helpful in the prevention of crimes like identity fraud.

It can be admitted that nothing can guarantee that our online lives are protected or can be secure from taking a cautious approach. But taking the cautious approach does reduce the chances and can be the defensive wall you need from all those prying eyes.

In the beginning, it might not have mattered, however, as the world has grown and the access to information is now just one click away, the risks have gone higher. Therefore, one must be very careful while sharing private information.

Whether it is to check an email or your bank balance, in the current day and age, you are leaving yourself vulnerable if you are not taking a cautious approach. It cannot be emphasized much that in the current day and age, how important online privacy is and what are the steps that can be taken to counter out such threats.

The first careful measure that can be adopted is to choose stronger passwords that are not related to you or any personal information that any other person may have access too. Another step that can be taken is to choose carefully the information you provide online. This might seem absurd but many of false identity cases have their basis on the information you provide yourself. It may be the telephone number you provided while posting an advertisement or the use of your bank account details while shopping online – a careful approach can help you to avoid your personal information being used wrongly.

Another step that can be used is to use a secure VPN network while sharing information which gives you an added advantage from the prying eyes. So as things head towards the future, not enough importance can be given to the personal responsibility one has while they try to avoid such acts as online privacy is of the utmost importance in the current day and age where access to literally everything is just a click away but that click has to be done carefully.

Things to Look For In a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Provider

Virtual Private Network

What qualities to look for in a VPN provider? The first and the most obvious thing to consider while looking for a VPN provider is to find a service which suits best your budget. There are other important though a little opaque elements too that you must look for in a VPN provider. Following is a list of all such elements which are the determining factors of the efficiency of a VPN provider.

Protocols That It Supports

VPN providers provide different protocols and you should choose the VPN based on the protocols you require. Not all VPN protocols are equal, some provide high levels of security only needed for professional purposes while others just keep you safe from minor hacks and provide only a weak encryption. You must make a choice depending on your requirement.

Number of Servers That It Provides

When looking for the best VPN provider, you should always try to find one with a diverse stable of servers looping into many countries. After checking the number and location of the servers that they provide, also make sure that the VPN Company is based in an area that suits you. For instance, if you are trying to avoid persecution by the government of your country, then it’s advisable to use a foreign provider. It’s also very important to know if VPN provider has no logs policy (read more at: because otherwise your browsing history might be not safe.

Number of Concurrent Connections That It Allows

A good VPN provider must allow you multiple concurrent connections. Before making the purchase you might think that this is something you don’t need but what if you want to set up your VPN access to multiple devices at your home or what if you have to use it for the devices of other members of the family, for that you must have several concurrent connections.
The minimum number of concurrent connections that you should accept is two and they must be able to link your router to VPN.

Bandwidth Restriction

In the past, bandwidth restrictions were not a big issue but nowadays, all individuals using the internet keep streaming audio, video and other media which make the bandwidth reach quickly to its limit. So you must always look for a VPN provider which either doesn’t have any bandwidth restriction or the restriction is clearly very high and you are sure that it will not get all used up by the type of online activities that concern you.

Payment Methods That They Offer

A good VPN provider gives you several options of payment methods.
If the purpose of your purchase is to keep your information protected against snooping Wi-Fi connections while you travel, then you must not opt for anonymous payment methods.
In case you want to use a VPN to protect yourself from some sort of political persecution, then you must pay through anonymous means such as gift cards and crypto currency.

Kill Switch System

Always look for a “kill switch system” in a VPN provider. It is a system which makes sure that you don’t automatically switch to open and unprotected internet connection in case of a VPN connection failure. If you want your online activities kept behind a thick shield of encryption you should choose only that VPN provider who facilitates you with this system.

Why You Need a Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network Code

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is basically a group of discrete networks linked together to a public connection which in this case is the internet. Its primary purpose is to keep your data secure and encrypted. In the past the use of Virtual Private Networks was just confined to the corporate employees but owing to the online security threats these days, almost all the internet users are turning to VPNs so they could enhance their digital security and keep their information and data safe from the prying eyes.

A VPN service is advantageous to you in many aspects. It provides you anonymity by hiding your identity online. This not only keeps you safe from hackers and intruders but also keeps your ISP from tracking the sites that you visit. This way you can easily visit many streaming websites which are otherwise not allowed in your country.

Having a VPN, you can use different IP addresses every time you browse. This makes it convenient to log into local channels while travelling to different countries by simply using an IP address of that particular country while browsing.

VPN also provides security to all your accounts and keeps your data encrypted when your gadget is connected to a public Wi-Fi. If a VPN is not used in such case, your data can easily be put at risk and be made accessible to the hackers.

VPN also helps to provide extra security to your data stored in online cloud storage. When the data stored in the online storage is in transit i.e. being stored or extracted, it is prone to a great risk of interruption. VPN minimizes this risk in a very effective manner and guarantees to keep your particulars secure. Many companies put up advertisements on your computer while you are browsing. These companies first establish a database and track all your online activities. After having sufficient knowledge of the sites you majorly visit, they show you advertisements accordingly. The use of VPN can prevent the intrusion of these companies into your systems.

You can also bring a VPN into use while playing online games; this helps to form a secure connection between you and your fellow players and prevents data from flowing to and from your system.
It is therefore an established fact that a VPN is something of prime importance for all the internet users as it ensures their safeguard and security.

Things to Look For In a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Provider

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