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What qualities to look for in a VPN provider? The first and the most obvious thing to consider while looking for a VPN provider is to find a service which suits best your budget. There are other important though a little opaque elements too that you must look for in a VPN provider. Following is a list of all such elements which are the determining factors of the efficiency of a VPN provider.

Protocols That It Supports

VPN providers provide different protocols and you should choose the VPN based on the protocols you require. Not all VPN protocols are equal, some provide high levels of security only needed for professional purposes while others just keep you safe from minor hacks and provide only a weak encryption. You must make a choice depending on your requirement.

Number of Servers That It Provides

When looking for the best VPN provider, you should always try to find one with a diverse stable of servers looping into many countries. After checking the number and location of the servers that they provide, also make sure that the VPN Company is based in an area that suits you. For instance, if you are trying to avoid persecution by the government of your country, then it’s advisable to use a foreign provider. It’s also very important to know if VPN provider has no logs policy (read more at: https://nordvpn.com/features/strict-no-logs-policy-tor-over-vpn/) because otherwise your browsing history might be not safe.

Number of Concurrent Connections That It Allows

A good VPN provider must allow you multiple concurrent connections. Before making the purchase you might think that this is something you don’t need but what if you want to set up your VPN access to multiple devices at your home or what if you have to use it for the devices of other members of the family, for that you must have several concurrent connections.
The minimum number of concurrent connections that you should accept is two and they must be able to link your router to VPN.

Bandwidth Restriction

In the past, bandwidth restrictions were not a big issue but nowadays, all individuals using the internet keep streaming audio, video and other media which make the bandwidth reach quickly to its limit. So you must always look for a VPN provider which either doesn’t have any bandwidth restriction or the restriction is clearly very high and you are sure that it will not get all used up by the type of online activities that concern you.

Payment Methods That They Offer

A good VPN provider gives you several options of payment methods.
If the purpose of your purchase is to keep your information protected against snooping Wi-Fi connections while you travel, then you must not opt for anonymous payment methods.
In case you want to use a VPN to protect yourself from some sort of political persecution, then you must pay through anonymous means such as gift cards and crypto currency.

Kill Switch System

Always look for a “kill switch system” in a VPN provider. It is a system which makes sure that you don’t automatically switch to open and unprotected internet connection in case of a VPN connection failure. If you want your online activities kept behind a thick shield of encryption you should choose only that VPN provider who facilitates you with this system.